Cusco Gastronomy

Being the centre of the Inca civilization, a civilization built on agricultural accomplishments, Cusco was also the centre of this agricultural development. The Andean crops, especially corn and potatoes have always have had a special significance in this region and as the bases of many plates. It is estimated that in Peru exist about 2000 types of potatoes. Common meats for the highlands are pork, alpaca and the Andean delicacy guineapig. In Cusco a new type of fusion kitchen has been created mixing typical Andean plates with more coastal dishes. Some of the more famous highland plates are chicharrones (fried pork), lomo saltado (beef in a soya sauce), anticuchos (kebabs mostly from beef heart) and the dish one can get on every street corner choclo con queso, corn with cheese.

Cusco is as a mayor tourist destination of course also home to the necessary good restaurants and bars. Some nice restaurants can be found on the Plaza de Armas and other in the alleys in the upper centre and San Blas. Cusco nightlife is also famous in Peru. Being a city with a quite metropolitan feel to it, many travelers looking for diversion, Cusco has plenty to offer. Bars with live music, discotheques, Irish pubs, you name, from Monday to Sunday, you will always find a place to go.

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