Ecuador General

This country located on the Equator and hence explaining its name; Ecuador is composes one of the smaller countries located in South America, but also one of the most diverse. The fact that in Ecuador you can find beaches, mountains and jungle in one country and can easily reach all of these by road make this country a perfect stop for people wanting to get to know these three regions in a relatively short period of time. Ecuadorian cities also holds some of the oldest colonial centers in South America, especially Quito and Cuenca.

Driving through this country will for sure make you aware of the intense and awesome nature this country has to offer. Andes mountains crossing straight through the country with the pacific coast on one side and the Amazon Rainforest on the other make that this country has to offer something for all types of travelers.

Stand with one foot in each hemisphere, wonder at one of the Inca ruins that can be found here, discover colonial cities and relax on the beach, it is all possible in this country and even more in relatively small distances and travelling time.

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