Lake Titicaca & Puno Museums

Being a region with so much history, Puno was until recently not really known as a city where you could find many museums. However the offer not that big, this has become much better over the last few years. Puno’s most important museums are;

The Dreyer Museum, close to the main square, exhibiting objects that are found on the islands and in the lake. The Yavari boat museum, this boat is the remnant of Peru’s greater times in 1862 when plans were made to use two of these boats to conduct trade around the lake and transport products coming from the Bolivian jungle. Two boats travelled from England to Tacna and were dismantled there only to be transported to Puno and assembled here for use on the lake. This boat is the only boat that remains and has an interesting exhibition about the history of the boat and the lake inside.

Another relatively new art museum is the Galindo Gallery with paintings in the Cusco School style. Finally you have the Paleontological Museum and the Totora Museum.

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