Things to do in the Rainforest

What to do in the Amazon Rainforest? The answer may be obvious; seeing some of the most pristine nature on the planet, but of course than other questions arises, how, when and where…

These questions are less easy to answer but we will here try to give you a good overview of all the things to in the rainforest. As this part of the country contains several big natural parks, protecting local fauna and flora and local indigenous communities, it is obvious that this part of Peru holds the bigger part of natural diversity in this country. This makes that this part of the country is visited to be able to see wildlife in the nature which in many parts of the world are only known in zoos.  Animals such as monkeys, sloths, caimans, snakes can be seen in these woods. Apart from these animals the Amazon rainforest may even be more famous for its diversity of birds. Toucans, macaws, and thousands of other birds can be spotted here. These are best seen from a canopy walkway taking you over bridges spanned between the high tress to give you the best overview of the forest life below. Ornithologists will have their hands more than full spotting and documenting the innumerable number of birds in this area, many still undiscovered. 

Another thing to do in the rainforest is a river excursion. As the rivers are the highway of this area, it is almost inevitable to move around in the jungle without using the rivers provided in this large basin. The smaller rivers are also where you have most chance of seeing one of the bigger mammals living in this area. In case you would like to spot a jaguar, the river would be your best chance.

When crossing the small rivers that run as a labyrinth through this entire area, you will often be astounded by the wall of green on the shores of the rivers and understand why this land always has and will be the lesser known. In these rivers live another spectacular animal only found in these regions; the pink dolphin. This animal on the verge of extension can still be seen quite often on these rivers, especially the direct branches or the Amazon River itself. They are far from shy and it does happen that they almost mingle with people when swimming in the river.

A lot of the life that goes on in the jungle happens on the jungle floor. Hundreds of insects, spiders, snakes, and other creatures habit this part of the jungle and have created a well-established pick order. If you have the chance you should focus for a while on the activity happening here. Large tracks of ants, building their highways while carrying three times their own weight and destroying all on their way, termites constructing towers as high as man, spiders weaving their webs in between trees and plants. Just look down and enjoy the world on the floor; another of the amazing things to do in the rainforest. 

Of course a jungle experience is not complete without having spent the night. In the night you will be exposed to a true nature concert of incredible force. Frogs, toads, birds and insects start making a great cacophony of jungle sounds. Under your mosquito net you will feel and hear the true feel of the rainforest, a forest that maybe even lives more at night than during the day. An evening walk will also help you appreciate the nightfall and sunset over these forests and its inhabitants.

Finally a jungle experience also has its urban centers. These urban centers are the gravity point of all movements and connection with the outside world. From here airports o bigger harbors lead to terminals in the Andes or the Coast. Roads are very few and only the Peruvian Western cloud forests are connected with roads to the rest of the country. The cities are therefore also the trading grounds of all that can be traded in the jungle; fruits, vegetables, exotic animals, special plants and herbs, and what have you not. Therefore a visit to an original jungle market, in many cities floating on the river is definitely an unforgettable experience. One of the most famous in South America being in Iquitos, called El Mercado flotante de Belen.

As you can read, and this is only a summarized list of the things you can do in the rainforest, the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is full of experiences, encounters and surprises. Therefore we would say that a thorough visit of Peru is not complete without having seen the mighty jungle that houses this country. 

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