Amazon rainforest climate

The Amazon rainforest climate on average is like that of any other typical tropical rainforest. It is hot and humid. The temperature is around 28°Celcius for the entire year which gets compounded due to the heavy humidity. There aren't many seasonal changes in the climate and the temperature too remains the same for pretty much of the year. In fact the difference between the day and night temperatures is greater than the difference between any two seasons. The weather remains the same all year long.

As for the rain, the Amazon rainforest climate is quite constant monsoon-like. Due to the large river basin and the tropical heat, the moist air near the ground is heated, causing it to rise. When it reaches the condensation point, it forms rain clouds. This process happens for all the 12 months. This type of rainfall is called convectional rainfall. It rains almost the whole year in the Amazon forest. But two seasons can be defined for the sake of clarity as the rainy season and the not-so-rainy season. In the former, the rains are about 60-180 inches while in the non-rainy seasons; the rains may be between 30-100 inches. The rains start just as suddenly as they stop. The main months of the rainy season are December through March.

Recent Changes in the Amazon Rainforest Climate

The rainfall in the Amazon region is said to be decreasing due to indiscriminate deforestation. In 2005, the Amazon forest suffered its worst drought in over 100 years raising serious environmental issues and questions about the future of the Amazon rainforest climate. If deforestation continues at the current rate, given the sensitive nature of Amazon's ecosystem, no forest will be left for the future generations. Each year, large areas of the forest are cut down increasing global warming pollution from the carbon dioxide and methane released due to the decaying and burning plants. Amazon rainforest is supposed to represent half the rainforests in the world today, so needless to say, it will be a great loss. Not only a loss of flora, but also of the numerous fauna and indigenous people native to Amazonia for so many years. Therefore visiting the Amazon Rainforest can be a great experience but should be done with keeping in mind the ecological, environmental and cultural values of these woods and hence visit them with an eye on trying to keep the environmental pressure as low as possible. 

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