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The Peruvian coast, comprises one of the lesser known but very interesting region of this country. The Peruvian coast, more than 2400 Km long is made up mainly out of different types of deserts with fertile river deltas giving out into the Pacific Ocean. The Northern Peruvian coast is where the focus of this article will be. The Northern Peruvian Coast stretches from Lima in the centre of the country, all the way to the border with Ecuador. Piura at 20 minutes drive from Ecuador is the largest city close to the border and for years the heart of the Peruvian – Ecuadorian border dispute. On the other end we consider the Northern Peruvian coast to reach until the western slopes of the Andes reaching down to the jungle in the west. Apart from Piura, the biggest and most important cities of the region are Trujillo, Chimbote, Chiclayo, Cajamarca, Tumbes and the beach town Mancora.

The North Coast has been home to some of the oldest civilizations known on this continent. The Moche culture was probably the biggest before the rise of the Inca’s. Remnants of these cultures can be found on several different sites throughout this region. Chan Chan, the Lord ofSipan Tombs, Los Baños del Inca, and many more are all found in this region. The region is thank to the Pan-American Highway also one of the easier to travel regions in Peru. Cities are well connected with busses and flights and you mainly travel north or south.

For the more relaxation searching visitors, the Northern Peruvian Coast has also plenty to offer. Laidback cities such as Trujillo, Cajamarca and especially Mancora in the far north guarantee you to be able to relax away before or after having visited some of the majestic sites all over this great country. Another pride of this region is their food, the best seafood and combinations with ingredients from the Andes and even the jungle can be found here. Also weather wise the Northern Peruvian coast will provide you with all year round summer temperatures and sunshine. Mancora is also were you want to go when looking for some water sports, with water temperatures much higher than around Lima, more impressive waves and of course the facilities, Mancora is the Peruvian Mekka for water sports.

Especially surfing is big as the waves around Mancora are known for their length. For people looking for even more adventure, at 8 hours north from Lima you can find Huaraz, starting base for some of the most amazing hikes on the continent. The northern highlands do of course have other climate types as Peru’s highest mountains are also located here. As the Peruvian coast is a small strip, the first slopes of the Andes already start a couple of hundred kilometers or even less inland. Climbing rapidly to heights well over 6000 meters, this part of the mountain range is known for its peaks of tremendous beauty. The highest being the Huascaran, Peru highest mountain. Hikes in the Cordillera Blanca, starting from Huaraz are among the hardest but most awarding on the continent. 

As you can read the Northern Peruvian Coast with its beaches, cities, ancient cultures reaching to the high Andes peaks, is a diverse and fantastic region. Full of great places, amazing and hospitable people, and serving some of the best food on the continent, the Northern Peru, lesser known but so worth it…

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