Puno & Lake Titicaca Things to see

The thing to see and do in Puno as quite numerous and since most of these take place outside a lot depends on the weather and hence time of year. The best time to visit this region would be from Mid March to November. The rest of the year the climate can be quite wet.

Visit the Floating Islands of Uros; these worldwide known floating islands belong to ancient refugees seeking a place to live on the lake. The original habitants did not allow them space on te lake shore, obliging them to search for another solution. The other solution was to use the reeds growing on the lake and transform them to the bases for floating islands. Not only their islands and houses are made out of reed, you will be surprised by the ships made in this product found extensively around the lake.

Visit the typical Titicanian Islands of Taquile and Amantani; these islands are probably some of the best preserved places in the Peruvian highlands where people have managed to hold on many aspects of the life as it was lead before on these islands. If possible you should of course eat trout on one of these islands and spend the night with a local family if possible. If you do then you also may have the time to walk around these magical islands, surrounded by the deep blue waters of the lake. There are several ruins to be discovered where you may quite possible be alone to enjoy the sights.

Visit the Sillustani Funerary Towers; These pre Inca funerary towers were constructed by the Aymara people and used to make sacrifices to their gods and hold funerary services. They are quite the site and together with the situation on the shore of Lake Titicaca is worthwhile visit. 

Celebrate the “Fiesta de La Virgen de la Candelaria” in Puno; this yearly festival hosted by Puno is one of the many strange festivals made up of combining ancient Andean religion with catholic traditions. This celebration is to celebrate the Virgen de la Candelaria, but is expressed by a weeklong festival of music parades and typical dances in the most colorful suites you can imagine. The city can get a bit rough towards the end of the week but this is definitely an experience of Andean culture not easy to forget.

Travel from Puno to Cusco; this trip can be done in several ways, with a night bus, with a VIP tourist bus and with the luxurious Andean Explorer Train. The trip is a very beautiful ride of about 8-10 hours, depending on the mode of transport. The countryside will give you a good feeling of the typical highland plains and mountain ranges that cross this part of Peru. The train will take you to Cusco in just under 10 hours in great luxury. With the bus the trip takes about 8 hours and is broken up 4 times for some excursions to lesser known Inca ruins, a viewing point and a remarkable small historic church.

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