Sacred Valley Cusco General

The Sacred Valley located at about an hour drive from Cusco is the cradle of much of the agricultural wealth the Inca’s enjoyed. This large valley, crossed by the Urubamba or Vilcanote River is about 100km long and at some points 3km wide. It is known for its large plains on the banks of the river, providing very fertile land for agriculture. The valley floods every year, washing away the old sedation and leaving behind new and more fertile soil.  The Sacred Valley Cusco is located on a lower altitude then Cusco, making the climate milder and the valley walls create some kind of micro climate, of great value to the farmers who lived and are living in this valley. The mountain sides are scattered with Inca Terracing, used even today. These would provide the Incas with crops during the rainy season, when the valley got flooded for a large part. Being such an important place for the Inca, it is no wonder that one can find several impressive ruins and Inca constructions along the whole length o the valley. The last town in the Sacred Valley Cusco is also the “gate” to Machu Picchu. This was so in ancient times with the beginning of the Inca Trail located here and even now with one of the main train stations to Machu Picchu Ollantaytambo located in the village with the same name.

The Sacred Valley Cusco is also a retreat for many people from the sometimes cold climate of Cusco. Located at about 2800 meters, the valley has beautiful days and nights that are much milder. This is one of the reason why many visitors decide to spend most nights in the Sacred Valley and from here visit Cusco and the region. The Sacred Valley therefore holds some of the nicest hotels in Peru. Hotels like the Aranwa Boutique, the Sol y Luna and the Casa Andina Private Collection in the Sacred Valley are beautiful located and enjoy a tranquility found in few places. Many of these hotels also have Spa’s and Healthcare centers.

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