South America Airport Taxes

  • Airport Taxes often are not included in the price of your ticket

  • In South America both Domestic as International Taxes can be charged at the airport

  • International Taxes are in general more expensive than domestic ones

  • Several airports do not provide an option to pay these taxes via credit card, mostly US Dollars and the local currency are accepted

In South America, airport taxes are often not included in the ticket price. Airport taxes are, in effect, a tax for the privilege of using the airport (maintenance, security, etc) and as such have to be paid there. Taxes for internal flights generally have to be paid in local currency. International airport taxes can usually be paid in either local currency or US $. Credit cards are not generally accepted for paying either domestic or international airport taxes. Make sure you leave sufficient US $ or local currency in cash.

International airport taxes payable are listed later in this dossier. (Please note that these do fluctuate quite frequently and so should be used as a guideline only). Domestic airport taxes range between US $3 and US $70.
Taxes are generally payable either upon checking-in (e.g. Brazil) or post checking-in at a separate airport tax kiosk (e.g. Peru, Bolivia and Argentina). In some cases the tax is payable prior to checking-in at a separate kiosk - check with others in the queue. As proof of payment you will usually be given a sticker or receipt that will be checked when entering the departure area. If your flight takes you via the USA, with or without a stopover, there are airport, security, federal inspection and Department of Agriculture ‘taxes’ to pay and these are usually paid prior to leaving the UK or other country. For reasons that are not clear, each carrier charges slightly different amounts for these taxes. Each Latin American domestic airport may also impose, and collect locally, taxes which are not shown here, though rates are usually considerably less than those of


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