South Coast Climate

The south coast probably has some of the most “boring “climates one can imagine. Being located on a small stretch of desert land, perched in between the high Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean; it is no wonder that these two natural boundaries are also co-responsible for the climate in this region.

The Pacific Ocean brings the cold Humboldt Current to the coast, where it clashes with the air coming from the Andes and the hot air from the desert. This creates a fog that during some times of the year can even block out the sun during the whole day. Most of the year this effect is only noticed in the morning but some parts of the coast suffers more than other. More inland, these fogs are becoming less and the sky clear up with plain sun as result.

Apart from some drizzle that may fall during some months, you will never have rain in this region and temperatures will hardly go under 15 degrees Celsius.

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