South Coast Museums

Museo de Piedras Grabadas (Engraved Stones Museum) in Ica

A museum dedicated to a somewhat X file history. The Ica stones are a collection of stones allegedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru. The stones have had their oxidized surfaces engraved with depictions that call into question just about everything science has taught us about the origin of our planet, ourselves, and other species. For example, some of the stones depict men (who look like ancient Incas or Aztecs) attacking huge stylized monsters with axes. The monsters are said to be dinosaurs. (One film production company goes so far as to claim that the monsters on the stones are "realistic depictions of Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pterodactyls.")

The cave where the stones were allegedly discovered has never been identified, much less examined by scientists. Skeptics consider the stones to be a pathetic hoax, created for a gullible tourist trade.

The Ica stone craze began in 1996 with Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea, a Peruvian physician who allegedly abandoned a career in medicine in Lima to open up the Museo de Piedras Grabadas  (Engraved Stones Museum) in Ica. There he displays his collection of several thousand stones.

Museo Regional de Ica (Regional historical Museum)

Mummies, Ceramics, textiles, funerary bundles and physical remains from Nazca, Paracas and Inca cultures.

Museo Arqueológico Alejandro Pezzia Aseretto in Ica (Archeological Museum)

Archaeological Pieces and historical relics

Museo Maria Reich in Nazca

Located near the desert, close to the Nazca Lines, this was the place that housed Maria Reiche for many years. From here she used to leave every day to the desert in order to study the Nazca Lines and figures. Maria Reiche dedicated over 50 years of her life to study, protect and measure the Nazca Lines. At the little museum you will be able to see Maria Reiche’s pictures, including some of her tools she used when investigating. She died in 1998, and her grave lies in the museum grounds.

Museo Arqueologico Antonini in Nazca

Informative museum about the surrounding archeological sites. It also has a collection of pottery and textiles. In the garden there is a working aqueduct and a scale model of the lines.

Museo Histórico Regional INC in Tacna
Pottery and textile collections from the pre-Columbian Cultures. Also holds and exhibition of weapons and relics of the war against Chile.

Museo de la Iglesia Compañía de Jesús in Pisco

Religious Paintings and objects

Museo de Sitio de Paracas Julio C. Tello in Pisco

The exhibits are from the burial sites discovered by the Peruvian archaeologist, Julio C. Tello, under the Paracas desert in 1925

Paracas Museum in Paracas

A small museum close by the location of Paracas culture tombs found on and around Cerro Colorado. Highlights are the well preserved, bright textiles of these pre-Nazca peoples, and human remains showing the extreme body manipulations (skull elongations, trepanning) they practiced.

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