Things to see on the north coast

Besides the large number of ancient civilizations and cultures having left their enheritages lika Chan Chan, Sipan and a lagre number of remnants on which many museums have their exhibitions built, the Northern Peru Coast is also home to many other attractions and activities. Of course a tour of the North Coast would not be complete without a city tour Trujillo or a surf tour Mancora.

Starting off with the biggest city of the region, a city tour Trujillo will let you see the history of this colonial city. From Trujillo you can go towards the coast where you can find one of the most beautiful fisher villages in Peru;  

The North Coast is maybe less travelled than the Southern Coast, but this is not because of the fact that the north is less interesting. Not even slightly; the south is where Machu Picchu is and this makes that most people with limited time do not go to the north. Well honestly, their loss!!!

The North coast not only provides vibrating and historic rich cities such as Trujillo, Chimbote and Chiclayo. It is also home to one of the bigger afro- Peruvian communities in Peru, living around Piura. Here African rooted music, clothing and food is still served and the Latin vibe mixed with some African blood makes for some great and amazing cultures in this region. The history of this region you can also find outside of the cities in for example the great number of historical sites this area contains. Not surprisingly when you see the number civilizations that have roamed this area and how far they go back into time, it is not surprisingly that the area is scattered with large and impressive sites out of ancient times. Chan Chan, Sipan, The Temple of the Sun and the Moon are just a few examples. And then of course there is Caral; the oldest found city in the Americas dating from about 2500 BC.

Stretching out as a relatively narrow strip of land along the Pacific Coast, it is obvious that life here has always been heavily influenced by the ocean. This you can see in the amazing diversity of seafood they have on offer in this region. This together with the special cooking forms that characterize the Peruvian kitchen, make that the north coast stands for maybe some of the best seafood on the continent. Especially a city tour Trujillo is not complete to one of the seafood restaurants this city has to offer. When in Trujillo a visit to Huanchaco is definitely a must. This seaside town is known for good waves and even more for the fishermen riding the waves on their “caballitos”, small boats made out of reed they balance on the water.

More beaches can be found when you tour Mancora and its surroundings, home to what probably are probably the best beaches in Peru. Mancora Beach comes in contrary to many Peruvian beaches with nice fine sand and large beaches. What makes Mancora maybe even more famous are the waves. More and more being promoted as Mekka of surf Peru, recently it became not only known as the best of surf Peru but even one of the better places to surf in South America. The waves at Mancora beach are known for their length and continuity. To the north and the south of Mancora you can find other beaches with great waves and little people. For people not that much into surfing, the area has also great Peru beach resorts located directly at Mancora beach.

So as you can read, north Peru holds a lot of what makes Peru famous, history, gastronomy, and good beaches. Nevertheless, not too many people visit the area, giving it even more cachet. Another pro of the area is that the area is quite easy to travel overland, compared with the Peruvian highlands. The Pan-American Highway crosses the whole region from north to south and passes by all major cities and sites in the region. Tour Trujillo, tour Mancora, stay at one of the beautiful Peru beach lodges, and the best of Peru surf if you need more reasons to visit this part of the country, please contact us…

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