Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance is highly recommended for travels to South America

  • Travel insurance can, among others, cover you for medical, cancellation and repatriation costs

  • Some Credit card offer some kind of insurance that you get the services you paid for but does in general not cover issues with flights, bad weather or illness

  • Feel free to ask your Travel Representative more about travel insurances

Everyone knows that travel is full of variables and there is always a risk, however small, that something might go wrong before or during your trip. Something as minor as a flight delay can have a significant financial impact, as can illness, bad weather or luggage delays.

In 2010 for instance, travelers to Latin America had their plans disrupted by various events including flooding near Machu Picchu, an earthquake in Chile, and a volcanic ash cloud grounding flights from Europe. Events like these, despite being unpredictable and rare, can ruin entire vacations if you are not properly insured.Therefore we at South America Travels Online STRONGLY recommend taking out travel insurance before travelling.

We do not provide any travel insurance but nevertheless following is some information about the different types of travel insurance. The general travel insurance policies are;

Trip cancellation coverage; This travel insurance covers you in case you or any of the insured people will have to cancel their holiday on the last minute due to illness or other unforeseen reasons.

Medical coverage; this type of coverage normally covers you for unforeseen medical costs while abroad. Before you depart, contact your insurance provider and ask if you are covered when travelling abroad. Before travelling, find out what limitations your policy has and get specific. Ask about emergency treatment, hospitalization, the possibility of long-term care -- and determine what limits or exclusions apply. Regardless of where you are from, if treated for an emergency in another country, keep receipts for your medical expenses for reimbursement when you return.

Evacuation / Repatriation Coverage; another type of health-related insurance covers the cost of medical evacuation, which can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are injured or become severely ill abroad, this type of policy will pay for the high cost of taking an air ambulance back to your home country, or to a nearby country with better health care than the one you are in. These can be included in the other policies but confirm this before departure.

For more information about travel insurance and in order to compare the different kinds of companies and policies offered, a good website to start with is squaremouth.com


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