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Stretching along Peru’s Pacific coast is a narrow strip of warm, semi-arid land. It sits in the rainshadow of the Andes, which means the mountains block the rain-bearing prevailing winds from reaching that area. The weather here is largely determined by the Pacific’s Humboldt Current, a cold current that flows up from the southern tip of South America. It has a significant cooling effect on this region, generally keeping temperatures in the 20s, and also results in low rainfall. This effect lessens the further north you travel as the Humboldt Current warms up. The cool water combined with the heat means that fog and mist are regular features of coastal Peru. This region is seasonal, though the seasons are not highly distinct, and as Peru is in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed to those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Summer, from January till March, sees daily average high temperatures in the mid to high 20s. Towards the south, it rarely gets above 29°C, while to the north it regularly gets up to 35°C. Due to low humidity it cools down significantly at night, though locations directly on the coast have higher humidity and often see a temperature difference of only 5°C between day and night. Rainfall is very low. Much of the coast sees no rain, and if it falls at all it usually only does so in the evening or at night. For the northern reaches of the coast, however, December is the start of the ‘rainy season’, which sees the region’s only reliable annual rainfall, albeit very little. El Nino does sometimes bring freak high rainfall to the coast of Peru and sometimes causes flooding.

weather in Mancoraweather in Trujillo

In general one can say that the northern Peruvian coast has a very nice climate all year round. Going from North to South, Mancora weather represents a great coastal beach climate all year round. Mancora weather is almost a guarantee for hot days and some cooler nights due the wind that may pick up at night. More toward the South, the weather Trujillo sees is very mild and agreeable. Tempartures may not be as high as the Mancora weather year round but the weather in Trujillo does provide you with a nice heat and cooler nights. As Trujillo is located a bit inland, the winds do not pick up as strong and Mancora weather sometimes experiences.

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